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September 3rd:
Labor Day BBQ

Coming Soon...
-The Belair's Outdoor Concert
-Kids Halloween Party
-Adult Halloween Party

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Deborah Brown 9/2
Roger Knupp 9/6
Don Matson 9/7
Salud Perez 9/8
John Yackle 9/7
Christine Espinoza 9/9
Leonard Reyes 9/9
Lee Servin 9/9
Linda Salas 9/10
Dina Zelinski 9/10
Jaime Medina 9/11
Carmen Armendariz 9/14
Michael Michell 9/14
Armida Cabral 9/16
Lisa Vargas 9/18
Harold Fellbaum 9/19
Barbara Sapp 9/20
Rita Francis 9/21
Chris Aguirre 9/23
Kim Knupp 9/30
Gregory Lawritson 9/30

Andrea Mauais
Polly Thurman
Hello Moosers and Moosettes,
August is gone and September is here, that means Labor Day BBQ. Come on out and join us for our annual BBQ , Potluck and Moose Races. Lodge opens at 1:00. If you haven’t been down to the Lodge in a while come on back and join us.

The Belair concert has been pushed back to October 13th so mark it down on your calendar. We’re looking for volunteers to help out with the setup, tear down, raffles or whatever. See an officer or put your name on the sign-up sheet.

Just to let everyone know the Lodge has some unbelievable people who have stepped up and helped out. I want to thank John, Terry, Dave and Linda for the getting the shirts, pool table recovered and the Taco Tuesday that they put together. You knocked it out of the park. Thanks to Al we have an extra $200.00 for the fans he’s been selling at the Lodge. Thank you ALL.

Thank all of you who volunteer, I can't thank you enough. We’ll be doing a Kitchen cleanup in the next month or so watch for dates, come on down and help, we sure could use it.

One last thing. the Social Quarters is a place where all members are welcome and treated with respect. We will not tolerate anyone who is abusive or uses foul language to another member if this happens you will be asked to leave, no exceptions.

Randy Ferguson Administrator - (714) 920-8478

Hello all Moosers,
I'd like to say great job to our lodge members in doing all we can to keep our lodge successful. We had new people cooking meals, like Kendra and Steven, David and Linda Salas, who btw also donated the new cover for our pool table.

Speaking of... our table has been recovered by the members of the pool league and the men's board in a new professional material, so come on down and shoot a few games on the new surface...oh, and have a few drinks too.

Other ways to help out at the lodge is not only cooking and cleaning but with great ideas like the examples by our Jr. Gov. John and our Prelate Al. John printed up Moose shirts and tops for sale for men and women, and Al brought in some restored assorted fans for purchase to beat this heat wave. Together they brought in several hundreds of dollars donated to our lodge. Great job to all!

Next month we have a correction date for the Bel Airs that will now be on the 13th of October. So "re"-mark your calendars for the right date.

As always it takes a team of people to make this happen, so instead of the usual volunteers I'd like to ask for some help ahead of time so we can have another successful event. It's always a lot better when we get more people involved so the work goes so much easier for everyone. Also we have a bar-b-que gathering for Labor Day. It's going to be a potluck so bring a dish to share and remember, I like it all.

Thanks for a great month everyone... keep it going and keep being good to each other,

Vince the "Gov"

Prayers going out to Robert Doc Horn, Linda Hart, and anyone else in need of prayer.

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