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6/7 Friday Dinner
Chili Verde, Chicken Mole
Al & Diane

6/8 Sat - District Picnic
Kiwanis Land

6/14 Friday Dinner
Surf & Turf
Chris & Crew

6/21 Friday Dinner
John C & Crew

6/22 The Belairs Concert

6/28 Friday Dinner
Chicken Casserole
Delia Riley

Moose Races
6/14 & 6/28

Karaoke Friday
6/7, 6/21 8:30pm

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Rod Duckwitz 6/1
Jose Zamudio 6/1
Iwan Kychenthal 6/2
Theodore Mendoza 6/5
Louann Green 6/5
Cynthia Klevies 6/5
Ruben Carrillo 6/6
Ashey Stone 6/7
Steve Giaquinto 6/11
Steve Dasaro 6/13
Dorothy Chris Kaser 6/14
Agnes Green 6/14
Bill Duron 6/15
Sabrina Dahl 6/16
Eric Westphal 6/17
Brigette Shriver 6/20
Don Brown 6/21
George Willard 6/21
Dale Jorgensen 6/22
Karen Dotson 6/23
Marc Walloupe 6/24
Robert Coats 6/27
Karen Shuput 6/27
Rubin Mercado 6/28

Jessika Olson
Monica Velez
Linda Duron
Hello my Moose Brothers and Sisters,
We have come to the end of our Moose year with the Lodge in a better place. We achieved our 5 star award and our Premier Lodge Award, Thanks to all our members support.

We are still in the process of looking for a new home so if you hear of anything let an officer know. I want to welcome our new board of officers and the ones that made a commitment to stay on board for another year, it's not an easy job. John Castellon - Governor and his officers: Vince Ortega, Lenny Alvarado, Clint Cox, Tom Butters, Bill Walton, Al O'Campo, Eddie Valenzuela, Tony Garcia, Bob Coats and I'll continue as Administrator. I look forward to working with all of you

Randy Ferguson Administrator - (714) 920-8478

Hello fellow Moose Brothers and Sisters,
Hope everyone is doing well. We have an exciting month, on June 22 we have The Belairís outdoor concert, a great band. Come down and enjoy the evening, bring a lawn chair. Please no outside coolers.

June 27th is our Convention in Las Vegas, were all looking forward to a great weekend, what a great way to spend time with fellow Moose members.

We are still looking for a new location, but we may have one in the works right now, see how it pans out, more updates to follow.

I do still need to call out for more volunteers to give each other a break, as the Calendar seems to be same people cooking week after week.

Would like to thank Randy & volunteers for hosting the Memorial Day BBQ, good job!

District Picnic is on 6/8 at Kiwanis Land sign-up to help and come out for a fun time!

Invite family and friends down to see what the Moose is all about maybe we can get a new member out of it. Remember a strong Moose Family is vital to the growing success of our lodge.

Happy Fatherís day! Have a good month.

your Governor, John David Castellon

Prayers going out to Robert Doc Horn, Linda Hart, Diane Gulman, anyone else in need.

If there's anything you'd like to include in the calendar or on the website please inform the Governor or Senior Regent. If you found a problem or a mistake on the website please contact me at


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