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3/5 Sun
Lularoe Pop Up
Party 1:00 Pm

3/10 Friday Dinner
Penny - Cornish Hens

3/17 St. Patrick's Day
Dinner - Dawn & Crew

3/24 Friday Dinner
Rora & Crew - Persian

3/31 Friday Dinner
3 Amigos

Sunday Breakfast &
Taco Tuesday's
See Calendar

3/17 & 3/24
Karaoke Friday

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Kathy Moreno 3/2
Sally Gatlin 3/2
Irene Gandara 3/6
Ed Stinger 3/7
Janet Thomas 3/10
Bill Walton 3/11
Brad Steele 3/11
Sandie Bowen 3/11
Glena Duquesnel 3/12
Alyssa Parker 3/12
Brenda Rodriguez 3/14
Richard Barela 3/15
William Boswell 3/17
Hailey Corbin 3/19
Victoria Gonzalez 3/22
Robert Brown 3/26
Elicia Halterman 3/29
March is here already! Thank you all who donated to Tim May's Fundraiser, the family was so grateful for all the love and support.

Upcoming we have St. Patrick's Day dinner by Dawn & Crew on Friday 3/17, Saul will be doing Karaoke, come on down.

Remember to sign up for a position on the board of officers coming in April. Let's all do our part to make this lodge the best it can be!

I would like to ask all members to be more helpful and cordial towards each other. Bring a friend show them what the moose is all about and sign them up!

Thank you to all of the members that volunteer your time to cook and clean, members who have donated items that we desperately need, the patrons that support our Lodge and our lovely bartenders.

Best regards,

Greetings and Happy New Years to all...
Greetings to all,
Get involved, be an officer. Nominations are taking place now. Slate of officers will be presented at March meeting. Officers in need: Senior Regent, Junior Regent, Secretary /Treasurer and Recorder.

Thanks to the Ladies and everyone else who helped and donated towards Tim's fundraiser, it was a success.

We will be having Carole Bouchard from Mooseheart visiting at the March meetings. Please try and come. The 2nd meeting, March 22nd will be a General meeting at 6:00 pm. We need members to please try and attend. Mooseheart will be sending out cards for this. Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

Have a great month!

As a reminder, all newsletter articles are due the 18th of each month. If there's anything you'd like to include in the next newsletter or if you found a problem on the website please contact me at

Prayers going out to Bud Cox, Charles Flores, Tim May, Clint Cox, Linda Hart and anyone else in need.


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