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Sat 23rd - Fundraiser Dinner
Sat 24th - Belairs Concert

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Josephine Estrada 9/20
Rita Francis 9/21
Catherine Kennedy 9/14
Carmen Armendariz 9/14
JoAnne Corbin 9/16
Armida Cabral 9/16
Debbie Miller 9/28
Vivian Gallo 9/28
Kim Knupp 9/30
Justine Koo 9/3
Cassandra Post 9/18
Chris Aguirre 9/23
Mike Blum 9/10
Harold Fellbaum 9/19
Roger Knupp 9/6
Don Matson 9/7
Timothy May 9/23
Salud Perez 9/8
Lee Servin 9/9
Paul Viscetto 9/23
John Yackle 9/7
Hello my fellow Moosers and Moosettes,
It is with great sadness that I report Bob Grundig (Too Tall) has passed away, our prayers and condolences go out to his family.

The Belair's are back for an end of Summer Concert. Come on down and enjoy a great time! If you can volunteer for this event we would deeply appreciate it, see an officer.

Kat will be hosting an "Inner City Kids Dinner" on Friday, Sept 23rd, let's support her and the kids.

I will be attending Moose International Convention in the middle of the month, I will report any new information upon my return.

I feel it's everyone's obligation to make our lodge as good or successful as we can. Please try and take the time to help. Your patronization is always appreciated as is your financial help, but your gift of a few hours of your time whether it be hosting a breakfast, dinner, a 50/50, an event or just helping with clean-up occasionally is what will keep us going and growing to become a more successful lodge.

Let's have a great month!


Hello Fellow Moose Members,
I want to thank Betty and Crew for Friday, August 12th Dinner. There will be a woman from Moose International, Noreen Sprague here on Sunday, Sept 18th. She will meet with the women at 1:00 and then a joint meeting with the men. Hope you can attend.

All women are welcome to attend meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM.

Rachel will be doing BAR BINGO on October 21st, 7 to 9, please come down and enjoy the fun!

Hope everyone has a great month!

- Connie

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Prayers going out to Kat (Leonor Siqueiros), Robert Doc Horn, Linda Hart & Buddy Cox (Clint's father). Our condolences go out to the family of Bob Grundig (Too Tall) on his passing.


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