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Rod Duckwitz 6/1
Jose Zamudio 6/1
Iwan Kychenthal 6/2
Theodore Mendoza 6/5
Louann Green 6/5
Cynthia Klevies 6/5
Ruben Carrillo 6/6
Ashey Stone 6/7
Steve Giaquinto 6/11
Steve Dasaro 6/13
Dorothy Chris Kaser 6/14
Agnes Green 6/14
Bill Duron 6/15
Sabrina Dahl 6/16
Eric Westphal 6/17
Brigette Shriver 6/20
Don Brown 6/21
George Willard 6/21
Dale Jorgensen 6/22
Karen Dotson 6/23
Marc Walloupe 6/24
Robert Coats 6/27
Karen Shuput 6/27
Rubin Mercado 6/28

Yvonne Guerrero
Shawna Kuhn
Hello my Moose Brothers and Sisters,
We have come to the end of our Moose year with the Lodge in a better place. We missed our 5 star award by 4 points. I wasn't aware that we had to sign a new member every month although we went from 128 members to 146+ 18. I won't let that happen again. Hopefully next time we get it right.

I want to thank all the women that have been a part of our Women's Chapter 1473 over the years and I can't express my disappointment that they couldn't fill the board this year and have to close, since 1957 we,ve had a women's chapter, just saying.

I want to welcome our new board of officers and the ones that made a commitment to stay on board for another year, it's not an easy job.
Vince Ortega - Governor
John Castellon - Jr Governor
Lenny Alvarado - Treasurer
Al Solario - Prelate
Clint Cox - Trustee
Tom Butters - Trustee
Bill Walton - Trustee
Steve Desaro - Sgt of Arms
and I'll continue as Administrator. I look forward to working with all of you and thank you.

I want to thank Frank Francis for the time and work he put in as an officer last year, GOOD JOB FRANK, I hope you come back and join us again. We have a big fundraiser with The Belairs coming up on June 16th, come out and support your lodge.

We have our name into the lottery for a fireworks stand if we our chosen we will need volunteers to help staff the booth. Wish us Luck!

Randy Ferguson Administrator - 714-920-8478

Well Happy start of summer to all the Mooser's. What a good month we had in May, Thanks to all who volunteered to cook, clean and work the events we had. It was also great to see new faces doing what they could to make our lodge successful.

Thanks to the board of officers for a fantastic Mothers Day Breakfast, and to the moms who donated the tasty desserts.

I would also like to say Great Job to our bartenders who worked fast and hard on the parties and peak nights we had, speaking of that, Welcome our new bartenders, Polly & Shelly, lets show them a warm welcome.

I do still need to call out for more volunteers to give each other a break.

Would like to thank Randy & volunteers for hosting the Memorial Day BBQ, good job!

District Picnic is on 6/9 at Kiwanis Land sign-up to help out and come out for a fun time!

Now get ready this month for the fundraiser of the year, The Belairs Outdoor concert! Invite family and friends down to see what the Moose is all about maybe we can get a new member out of it. Remember a strong Moose Family is vital to the growing success of our lodge.

Dads dont forget to come down for the Fathers Day Breakfast.

Have a good month and be good to each other.

Vince the "Gov"

Hello WOTM,
we will be having a nominating committee meeting as required by Moose Int'l on Tuesday, February 13th at the lodge at 6:30 pm. It's a Taco Tuesday so come down, have a cocktail, enjoy some tacos and we can talk...

Until next time,
Rita Francis

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Prayers going out to Robert "Doc" Horn, Linda Hart and anyone else in need of prayer.


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