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Sat 24 - Kids Halloween Party!

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Carolyn Richardson 10/13
Linda Hart 10/20
Diane Cramer 10/31
Kitty Yackle 10/18
Penny Wynn 10/4
Gail Moore 10/29
Mary (Lisa) Gillespie 10/23
Nora Gluck 10/21
Susanne Luna 10/31
Renee Chinchilla 10/4
Valerie Ramirez 10/5
Kim Waybourn 10/17
Tamara Kane 10/5
Lelani Mandac 10/18
Jessica Coleman 10/31
Robert (Robtober) Ashbaugh 10/15
John Castellon 10/2
Richard Davis 10/13
Charles Flores 10/2
Todd Fritsche 10/7
Thomas Grundig 10/9
Michael Hammond 10/29
Michael Pratti 10/5
Albert Solario 10/17
John Willard 10/20

Don Brown
Stephen Bush
With summer finally at an end our lodge has met some of the challenges that it has faced, while yet other challenges have yet to be confronted.  We have definitely succeeded in bringing many new members into our lodge over the last 3 to 4 months.  Some of these new members we are seeing on a regular basis and we appreciate the help from those that have gone above and beyond to make our lodge more successful by donating not only their financial help but even more for their gift of "time" they have given with the past events the lodge has sponsored.  These events include but are not limited to the kitchen clean-up, which was a huge under-taking but a necessary one, the "Pig-Roast" which was a LOT of work but a fun and successful day for the lodge, as well as the recent stripping and re-waxing of flooring in our dining area, a special shout out to Ski for his work on that project, it looks great!

Now with the holidays nearing a lot faster then some of us would like, it's time to shift gears and prepare for them, starting with Halloween (that has now become a holiday as well, correct?) Rumor has it the women will, as usual, plan out another great Halloween party for the kids, after all, it is really all about the kids, right? So, keep your eyes and ears open for more information on that as it becomes available.  In November, we are trying to plan a "Laughlin Bus Run" that will leave on a Saturday morning and return on Sunday, staying overnight one evening.  We are in the works trying to find some great overnight rates for our members and will do this if there is enough interest.  We would like to do this around the second week of November so as not to interfere with anyones holiday plans.  Think of all the money you could possibly win for all your holiday expenses coming up, ha ha!!

In an effort to boost sales we have designated both Wednesdays and Thursdays as "Happy Hour" special days. Come on in for $2.00 draft beers and $2.50 canned and bottled beers as well as $1.00 hot dogs, with or w/o Chili, from 3:00p.m. - 6:00p.m. starting in October.  As always Taco Tuesdays with an array of choices as well as great breakfasts on Sundays and Friday nite dinners are still available with one slight change.  The last Friday of each month will be designated as "Cook Your Own Steak Nite".  We will supply the steaks and all the fix'ns and sides, and all you will have to do is throw your steak on the grill yourself and cook to your own perfection. 

One last thought... as I think everyone knows by now, we live day to day (although I definitely see some light at the end of the tunnel), and I encourage everyone to pull together for our lodge to continue and to succeed.  If you have any POSITIVE suggestions that you feel will remedy or help us to fix what's wrong, I can assure you that we want to hear them.  This can only be done by either attending the Town Hall Mtgs. or by contacting an Officer of the Lodge and expressing your views.  I do suggest the Town Hall Mtg. as your first choice though.  Through this means your views will be discussed, by more than just the officers hopefully, and resolutions as well as results that are advantageous will be found. 

P.S. We Urge you to Volunteer!!! We are always in need of kitchen help. We cannot do this alone!!! Any questions on how you can help please speak with Karen Paul (Jr. Regent) or any officer.

P.S.S. (I promise this is the end...) A special thank you to both Conrad and Rora for stepping up as first time cooks this past month with a wonderful "Asian" dinner. What made it special for me, other than the food itself, was getting a chance to get to know these two people more.

Joe Moreland

Hello Moosers and Moosettes,
Just wanted to let everyone know that we survived the Cal / Nevada Convention in Reno. The one thing I came away with and something we lose sight of, is the Moose Lodge is more then a bar, WE OUR A CHARITY ORGANIZATION that supports Mooseheart and Moosehaven so please keep this in mind when we do raffles, 50/50, jokers wild, fund or whatever the fund raiser maybe. We our not doing a very good job in this department.

Here's a few upcoming events that we're doing in the next couple of months. The first order of business is a town hall meeting on October 8 at 7.00 it is open to all members. Please try to make it. We'll be giving you a rundown on where we stand as a Lodge, answer any question and take any suggestions.

Starting Wednesday and Thursday HAPPY HOUR from 3 to 6 with $2.00 draft beer, $2.50 bottles, $1.00 hot dogs and chili dogs. The last Friday of the month we'll be doing a cook your own steak night with bake potato, salad and rolls for $12.00. This will start in November since Penn and Clint will cook steak at the end of October. ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!! What a deal.

We're bringing back the monthly birthday party for our lodge members on the last Saturday of the month. We still have to work out the details in October since Halloween falls on the last Saturday.

Come on out and support your lodge, we can't do this alone. The good news is we're paying the bills, the bad news is we have a long way to go.

Randy Ferguson  |  (714) 920-8478

Hello members,
I want to thank all of those that volunteered, and attended our Labor Day BBQ - a HUGE SUCCESS!! I would like to personally thank Tim May for being our BBQ chef for the day.

We had a good turnout for our first Bar Bingo held on Saturday the 12th, but there is always plenty of room for more gamers. Bar Bingo will be back on Saturday, October 10th from 5 to 7pm,

Our Moose Lodge Halloween Party for kids will be held on Saturday, October 24th from 4 to 6pm. If you or your family would like to attend our Halloween Party please use the sign-up sheet that will be in the social quarter. All children ages 0-13 are welcome. Please have your children wear costumes if they wish to.

So everybody please come out and help support our lodge, see some ol' friends, or make some new ones. Come on out and have some fun!! See you at the lodge!!!

- Tuggy

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Prayers going out to Mike Clute, Lorna Eckert, and Linda Hart.


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