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Lorna Eckert 9/5
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JoAnne Corbin 9/16
Armida Cabral 9/16
Debbie Miller 9/28
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Kim Knupp 9/30
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Cassandra Post 9/18
Stephanie Bisbee 9/13
Chris Aguirre 9/23
Mike Blum 9/10
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John Yackle 9/7

Don Brown
Stephen Bush
August 31st was the day of our beloved Brother Sam Sapp's memorial service. Sam was a long time member of the moose lodge as well as the administrator of the former orange lodge. He served in the marines and fought for our country during what was known as the "Great War". He talked routinely and often about his love for his wife Barbara, family and his "damn ol' dog, Woody" I will miss Sam, his stories and his friendship, as I am sure will many others.

I would also like to thank everyone that came out to our "pig roast" in August. A special thank you to those that took the time to help put on the event and to those that donated to it. Without your help it would not have been the success that it was! I would be remiss if I didn't thank the people once again who donated their talent to entertain during the event... i.e."Grooveswitch", "Nick Peterson" and "Randy Styner". Feel free to contact me if you would be interested in hiring any of the musicians for your own party or event and I will be happy to put you in touch with them.

As a final thought, I feel it's everyone obligation to make our lodge as good or successful as we can. Please try and take the time to help. Your patronization is always appreciated as is your financial help, but your gift of a few hours of your time whether it be hosting a breakfast or dinner or just helping with clean-up occasionally is what will keep us going and growing to become a more successful lodge.

Joe Moreland

Hello my fellow Moosers and Moosettes, Don't let anyone tell you these fundraisers are easy work because they're not, so I'd like to give everyone that helped on the pig roast a BIG HIGH FIVE and THANK YOU. We made a few mistakes but for the most part it was a big success. I'd also like to thank the bands who donated their time and talent. My back is finally coming around after many trips in the dunk tank!! And the hula hoop contest who knew that would be fun.

I'd like to invite everyone out to our Labor Day BBQ on 9/7 should be lots of fun. Burgers, Dogs and all the fixin's.

On a more serious note we need some cooks to fill in for the regular dinners on Tuesday, Friday and breakfast on Sundays. One night out of your busy schedule will go a long way, PLEASE SIGN-UP!!! One of our long time members Sam Sapp passed away, we all loved Sam and Barbara when they would come in and brighten up the lodge, he will be missed.

In case you have been under a rock our beloved bartender Penny has been out with a bum knee, let's wish her speedy recovery. Love you Penny. By the way, whoever walked off with the bean bags for the corn hole game, please return them since the game was borrowed.

Don't forget to come out on Friday night for some Karaoke by Disco Steve with dinner, jokers wild and 50/50.

Thank you all for coming out and supporting the lodge, with your help we will get it turned around. Here is my email and cell number. If you have any suggestions, fundraisers, ideas or complaints please let me know.

Randy Ferguson  |  (714) 920-8478

Hello members, We want to thank everyone who attended and volunteered in our 1st annual pig roast held on the 22nd of August, because of you, our pig roast was a success!! It was fun to watch Randy our "Governator" take many swims in the dunk tank!

Bar Bingo is back and will be held on the 2nd and 4th week of each month, please come out and support Bar Bingo! And we also have the 50/50 on Fridays too.

Please do not forget our labor day BBQ on 9/7! We still need volunteers to help cook and clean up! Everyone please come and help support our lodge, see some ol' friends or make new ones, come on out and have some fun!

We hope to see all of you at the lodge soon!

- Tuggy

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Prayers going out to Bob and Brenda Hoover, Robert Doc Horn, Linda Hart, Sapp Family and anyone else in need


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