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Sat 6th-BUNCO!

Sat 13th-The Belair's
Outdoor Concert

Sat 20th-Kids
Halloween Party

Sat 27th-Adult
Halloween Party

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John Castellon 10/2
Tamara Kane 10/5
Gilbert Tovar 10/4
Penny Wynn 10/4
Todd Fritsche 10/7
Bonnie Warren 10/9
Thomas Grundig 10/9
John Esparza 10/10
Justin Henshaw 10/12
Robert (Robtober)
Ashbaugh 10/15
Albert Solario 10/17
Linda Hart 10/20
Ed Rodriguez 10/29
Nora Gluck 10/21
Richard Axe 10/22
Michael Hammond 10/29
Gail Moore 10/29
Diane Cramer 10/31

Robert Axe
Annette Anderson
Kendra Bockman
Valene Mitchell
Traci Sodal
Hello Fellow Moosers,
I would like to start out by thanking Bill Walton for stepping up and representing Anaheim Moose lodge – LOOM at the Cal-Nevada Moose convention, He brought back some fantastic news, Anaheim Moose was one of a handful of lodges that won the prestige “Premier Lodge Award”. It gets better, Randy won an award for “Exceptional Leadership” Good Job Randy! We were also acknowledged for making donations to the Centennial Project (one of few) We will receive our award on Sunday, October 7th at the district meeting, every member should plan to attend this exciting presentation.

Earlier this year at the Cal-Nevada convention, one of the speakers made a point that our lodges are more than just a corner bar. Our goal, all across the country, is to raise funds for the community and of course Mooseheart & MooseHaven. Everyone who puts in any effort towards the moose, from donating money, down to cleaning the restrooms is very much appreciated and the effort itself, and I’m sure were all in agreement, is its own reward. So thank you to all that made an effort last month from our own members to our brother and sisters from neighboring lodges.

So in this month we have the famous “Belairs” in concert here on the 13th. Come listen, dance, drink & eat at one of our best events we have at Anaheim Moose Lodge.

Kids Halloween party is planned for 10/20, so be sure to sign your kids up! There’s also an Adult Halloween party, Ernie and Ruben are hosting on the 27th so put on your best costume and save some energy for dancing.

As you can see the cooking calendar has a lot of blanks. Please if you can find the time to cook a breakfast or dinner that would be great! Does not have to be anything fancy.

So in closing keep up the good work and be good to each other…. Have a great month!

Vince the "Gov"

Prayers go out to Linda Hart, Robert Doc Horn, Diane Gulman, Terri Castellon and anyone else in need of prayer.

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