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Sat 7 - Betty College of Regent
Wed 11 - Veterans Day BBQ
Sat 14 - BAR BINGO!
Thu 26 - Closed for Holiday

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Don Brown
Stephen Bush
Fellow Moose members,
I will try to keep this months letter a lot shorter than last months. Let me start with some of the positives... the children's Halloween party came off without a hitch seemingly; I'm sure that was because of those that volunteered. The decorations, food, drink and prizes were Great this year! I personally would like to thank all those that took on this enormous task and did a wonderful job. Hopefully we will see as many adults stop in for some socializing on Saturday nite for Halloween as well.

As for our mid-month October "Town Hall Meeting", I can't say I was very happy with the turn-out. Out of our approximately 300+ members, we had a whopping 20 members attend. Of those that did make it, we had some lively debates and some new suggestions on what we can do to make "OUR" Lodge a better place. Unfortunately, to do that we need more than a handful of people to help. If all the Lodge is, to the majority, is just "another bar" to stop in for a cheap drink then our premise has been lost. The whole reason for "The Moose" organization is to give to others that otherwise would do without i.e. "Mooseheart" and "Moosehaven." If our lodge is to stay viable we need it to become a destination where members will come to support it and socialize there. And to those that only criticize when they are there, because we don't always have their personal drink of choice, all I can do is to say I'm sorry we don't always have the money to buy everything on the list of "favorites" but I do honestly endeavor to keep as many as possible happy in those regards. We have been hit hard lately with many large bills and are doing our best to maintain an even keel.

Finally, now that the holiday season is Really upon us, It's my wish that all of you have a safe, healthy and loved filled Thanksgiving. Bless us all.

Joe Moreland

Hello Moosers and Moosettes,
For all the people that missed the children's Halloween Party it was quite an event put on by the WOTM. Thank you ladies we had a good turnout and you did a wonderful job.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who volunteers at our Lodge from the Friday night dinners, Sunday breakfast, Taco Tuesday , bartenders and cleanup crews it takes a lot of time and effort to keep the lodge open so take the time to thank them once in awhile. If you want to get your feet wet and do a dinner come see one of the officers. Since Penny and Clint do such a wonderful job on the steak dinner we decided against cooking your own steak. DUMB IDEA!!!

Friday nights Jokers Wild jackpot is over $1,000. 00 so we expect to see lots of tickets being sold. Don't forget about the Bar Bingo on Saturday night Tuggy does a good job of putting this on. Come out and support her. Don't forget Happy Hour Wednesday and Thursday from 3 to 7.

Here's a couple of events coming up in November to keep in mind. We'll have a box set up in the social quarters to donate canned goods that we can distribute before Thanksgiving. Also Saturday 11/21 the annual TURKEY SHOOT at the lodge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME come on down and win turkey!

We lost one of our long time members and former bartender at the lodge Sammy. We'll post something at the lodge for the service as soon as we know. RIP Sammy we'll miss your smiling face and kind soul.

Randy Ferguson  |  (714) 920-8478

Hello members,
October was a fun month for the lodge! We had bar bingo, Friday night karaoke and the Kids annual Halloween Party! I would like to thank all of the volunteers that helped to decorate the lodge, donated the candy, cakes, cookies and food for the Kids party, it was a huge success! Many, many children attended in their Halloween costumes, everyone had fun!

November will be just as exciting for our lodge. On Saturday the 7th at 4 pm, we will be celebrating Betty Kane receiving her College of Regent at the lodge. Please come and celebrate this achievement with Betty Kane.

Bar Bingo is back by popular demand, come on down to the lodge on Saturday the 14th from 5-7 pm for some good old fashion bar bingo! Our lodge Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Thanksgiving Day November 26th. Let's all get behind and support our great lodge with its great people! Come on down and see some old friends or make some new friends. See you at the lodge!

- Tuggy

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Prayers going out to Mike Clute, Linda Hart, Bob and Brenda Hoover and anyone else in need.
Our condolences go out to Lorna "Sammy" Eckert's family.


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