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Kids Christmas Party!
SAT 12/15 3-5pm
(Be sure to sign-up!)

We are supporting
Orangewood Children
& Family Center
this Christmas!
Bring an unwrapped gift
& put in Barrel
See flyers for gift ideas!

12/6 & 12/20 Thursday
Dart Tourneys

Garage Sale
See flyer for dates

12/28 Friday
Turkey Dinner!

12/23 Sunday Fiesta Breakfast
by 3 Amigos
MENUDO!! & other
menu items

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Matt Phairas 12/3
Judy Baptiste 12/3
Mike Galvez 12/4
Clinton Cox 12/4
Angel Rivera 12/5
Dawn Aguirre 12/9
Marsha Kirkvold 12/11
Judy Ashbaugh 12/12
Kattie Mauvais 12/16
Maria Ruiz 12/16
Robert Sweney 12/18
Patricia Kryger 12/20
Jose Azze 12/20
Irene Parsons 12/21
Laura Guzman 12/23
Jesse Solorio 12/24
Adam Carmie 12/23
Terrie Schatz 12/29
Bianca Salce 12/29

Andy Hurtado
Luis Silva
Mathew Dollins
Travis Vail
Glen Lopas
Joel Nuno
Lawrence Sepulveda
Hello fellow Moose members,
It’s the end of the year and I'd like to thank ALL of the volunteers both old and new who helped make this a prosperous year for our lodge. For last month, thanks to the usual suspects who worked hard for a good month. A special shout to Jason and Veronica for another effort outside the idea box by cooking right outside our doors & demonstrate Pickling of pickles, veggies and peppers. I hope to see that again. We finally had our big winner of our Joker's Wild game and we already started up a new one.

Hope to have more events in the future which means that we will still need volunteers.

Look for our upcoming New Year’s gathering and Christmas socializing as well as the usual Opportunity drawings.

As a personal note I feel so proud to have served as your Governor and dishwasher this pass year. Thanks to all those that went the extra yard to help make our lodge prosperous this year.

I do urge ALL members to treat each other with respect and patience as I'm sure you all were raised to do, as was I. When we all show kindness, respectful words of instruction and the like-wise dignity we want for ourselves towards other members then we can TRULY be known as one of the friendliest lodges in the state.

Have a good Christmas, a wonderful New Year and most of all be good to each other.

Thank you all,

Prayers going out to Linda Hart, Robert Doc Horn, Terri Castellon and anyone else in need of prayer! Prayers going out to Linda H., Robert H., Terri C., Diane G., John C. and anyone else in need.

If there's anything you'd like to include in the calendar or on the website please inform the Governor or Senior Regent. If you found a problem or a mistake on the website please contact me at


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