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5 TUE - Cinco de Mayo Specials
10 SUN - Mother's Day Breakfast
25 Monday - Memorial Day BBQ

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William Wilson 5/1
John Nelson 5/1
Matthew Kreger 5/2
Lynn Logan 5/2
Susan Maddison 5/3
Art Jimenez 5/3
Kimberly Dade 5/4
Rose Mackie 5/8
Kim Ross 5/9
Michael Clute 5/10
Alice Aldaco 5/11
Dolores Perez 5/12
Brian Kington 5/15
Karen Delafield 5/16
Jeanette Wilson 5/16
Yolanda Tula 5/16
Laura Alvarado 5/17
Linda Carrillo 5/19
Joe Avalos 5/21
Royce Hartman 5/21
Manuel Banuelos 5/25
Kendra Mccarthy 5/25
Julie Carter 5/27
Jacquelyn Torres 5/29
Janelle Cabral 5/30

Shelly Todorovic
Leonard Hollis
Steven Aderholt
Steven Sr Jorgensen
Robert Kolar
Edward Ramirez
The District Chili Cookoff was at Buena Park Lodge. Buena Park won first place again. Anaheim lodge did win for best booth, and some say people's choice on the chili!

The Cal/Nevada Moose Assoc mid-year conference was held in Reno on 3/26 - 3/29. The lodge grant program will still be available for this year. Part of the qualification process, the men and women must be represented at the national convention in Nashville in July. Signup sheets and qualification requirements for Governor, Jr. Governor, Prelate, Treasurer and two Trustees are posted in the lodge.

HELP THE LODGE, RUN FOR OFFICE! Elections and installation will be completed by the end of April. Member orientation will be Sunday 4/19 at 3:00 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to see what is offered by the Moose. It's about the children and seniors. The Moose is more than a place for a cheap drink.

As always, remember to say a prayer for the children of Mooseheart and the seniors at Moosehaven.

As a reminder, all newsletter articles are due the 18th of each month. If there's anything you'd like to include in the next newsletter or if you found a problem on the website please contact me at

Prayers going out to Bob & Brenda Hoover, Robert Doc Horn, Linda Hart, Bob Brown & anyone else in need of prayer!


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