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2/10 FRI - Randy's Birthday!
2/11 SAT - Valentine's Dinner
2/17 FRI - Tim May Fundraiser

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Simon Gomez 2/1
Alece Mendoza 2/1
Kenneth Langston 2/2
Joe Ramos 2/4
Timothy Eder 2/5
Pam Brandt 2/6
Brenda Carr 2/6
Alexi Parker 2/7
Christie Coffman 2/10
Roberta Perez 2/15
Randy Ferguson 2/16
Steven Powell 2/16
Robert Gonzalez 2/17
Archie Carter 2/17
Neil Green 2/19
Eric Gatlin 2/21
Jeffrey Seiver 2/26
Hello Moosers and Moosettes,
Happy New Year's too all, well another year has come and gone. Anaheim Moose has managed to stay afloat another year, thanks to you all...

Let's make 2017 our best year ever, I would like to invite everyone to make this year at our lodge more eventful by making a bit more of a presence. If we can just take one day a month to volunteer or help another member with their efforts, maybe new faces will appreciate us, because I know you're tired of mine!

Upcoming event is the Super Bowl party we have going on Feb 5th, come on down and spend it with your "moose friends", have a drink with old and new.

Remember supporting the lodge doesn't mean taking care of a building but helping each other, our members, our friends. So get ahold of an officer and see what hidden talents you can bring to the Moose that we can use to make this year a better one for all.

On another note, sad news, "Kat" Leonar Sequiros passed away last month. We will be having a memorial service look out for flyers for details.

Again, thanks to all the volunteers who cook, clean, fix & bartend.

May you have a prosperous and blessed year!

-Vince (aka the dishwasher)

Greetings and Happy New Years to all...
Greetings to all...
I would like to thank the WOTM and all others who donated to Kat's memorial service, it was beautiful.

We are holding a fundraiser for TIM MAY please come and support Friday, 2/17. There will be food, raffles, music!!

- Connie

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Prayers going out to Bud Cox, Charles Flores, Tim May, Linda Hart and anyone else in need.


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