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Moose Race Friday’s
2nd, 9th & 23rd

Karaoke Friday’s
16th & 30th - 8:30 pm

Happy Hour Every
Tuesday, Wednesday
& Thursday 3 – 7 Pm

Dart Tourney Thursday
8/1, 8/15 & 8/29
6:30, $5.00 Buy-In

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Connie Vogt 8/1
Alfonso Corral 8/2
Jim Murphy 8/4
Joyce Flores 8/4
Monica Velez 8/6
Kathy Barajas 8/6
Diane Butters 8/8
Cloyd Summers 8/9
Gloria Solario 8/10
Allen Bisbee 8/12
Albert Casias 8/14
Vincent Ortega 8/14
Steve Lyon 8/14
Xavier Guzman 8/16
Deborah Valentine 8/17
Jose Diaz 8/18
Janice Coats 8/20
Dori Crosby 8/22
Ann Dominguez 8/23
Robert Campbell 8/23
David Butler 8/24
Mike Kaser 8/23
Travis Rebello 8/26
Jim Wenzel 8/28
Steve Alvarez 8/30
Aaron Jordon 8/30
Raymond Ramirez 8/31
Adrijana Mackovska 8/31

Nellie Chua
Veronica Galvez
Hello fellow Moose members,
I hope that all of you and your families are doing good and in good health! July is behind us now and what a great event our moose convention was! We were awarded the Premier Lodge award for 2019 (second year in a row). Which is an awesome award! Big Thank You to our administrator Randy and all of our officers and members that made it happen, Anaheim Moose Lodge 1853 such a great lodge!

We are still working on our new building in fact, we are holding a special meeting for all LOOM it is important you attend on August 8, at 7:00 pm.

I would like to thank Al and Diane O’Campo for helping our lodge with their fundraising.

Your Governor,
John D. Castellon | (714) 920-8478

Prayers going out to Robert "Doc" Horn, Linda Hart, Diane Gulman and anyone else in need.

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